Plant Warranty

Plant Warranty Terms

Chesco Landscaping would like to thank you for choosing us as your project installer. The installed plant material is accompanied with a 6-month limited warranty as follows:

Limited Warranty:
Your landscape is accompanied with a 6-month limited warranty (50% cost of shrubs) on specific trees and shrubs purchased and installed by Chesco if maintained per the standards below (arborvitae trees are not guaranteed):

Newly installed landscape plants may suffer transplant shock, particularly during the hot summer months. It is important that plants receive proper care, so as to minimize stress. Upon installation or purchase it is then the responsibility of the owner to supply the plant with sufficient water and fertilizer (as needed) during their growing season (May to October) to keep them healthy.  Trees and shrubs are warranted for 6 months from date of installation or purchase, and will be replaced once within the warranty period, should they die.

Chesco assumes no liability for replacement of plants killed or damaged by pests, insect infestation, abnormal weather conditions, or other conditions beyond our control, nor will we replace plants experiencing “seasonal die-back”, when pruning and proper care will restore them to health. ONLY if a shrub or tree is completely dead will we replace it. Chesco also will not replace a shrub if it has not bloomed. If Chesco does replace plant material the labor cost is not included.

In addition, annuals, perennials, bulbs, ground covers, and transplanted plant material are NOT covered under this warranty.

Water! Your new plantings will need an inch of water per week for the first year. IF YOU FAIL TO WATER YOUR PLANTS, THEY WILL DIE. A PLANT THAT HAS DIED DUE TO DROUGHT IS NOT COVERED UNDER OUR GUARANTEE. Please see watering instructions page for more information.

6 months can be added for 15% of the cost of the plant material.